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Introducing the article for publication, the author thereby agrees to publish her full text on the Internet at the official website and in the journal "Vestnik URFO., Security in the Information Sphere." Articles are accepted in Russian and English.

Articles should not have grammatical or other errors, and should also correspond to the journal's topic and VAK requirements for specialized publications.
To the publication in the journal, work is being done on topical issues of information security, information protection, as well as the security of the activities of the individual, society and the state.
The structure of the journal includes 6 headings reflecting the current trends in the field of research on security issues in the information field:
• Technical means and methods of information protection (issues of technical protection of information and information security of objects, automated systems and communication systems, the results of developments and experience in the use of new hardware and software, hardware information protection facilities, information security facilities, for possible information leakage, etc.)
• Computer security (issues of information protection in computer systems, virology, the results of development and experience in the use of new means of protecting information from unauthorized access, software tools to ensure the integrity and availability of information, guaranteed destruction of information, etc.)
• Mathematical methods in ensuring information security (issues of developing algorithms and methods for cryptographic protection of information, identifying, identifying and classifying threats to information security breaches, assessing the security of information and information security of facilities, forming complexes of countermeasures to information security threats, etc.)
• Organizational and organizational and technical protection of information (issues of organization of audit and monitoring of the state of objects, management of information security of objects, the results of scientific and technical and economic research of problems of information protection in modern conditions, experience in developing and applying technical means of training information security professionals, work experience security services and training for them)
• Legal regulation of information protection (issues of protection of state, commercial, professional, official secrets, intellectual property, personal data, etc., discussion of drafts and newly published regulatory legal and methodological documents regulating information protection activities)
• Actual problems of cybersecurity (issues of information security of industrial automated systems and facilities, protection of key information infrastructure systems of critical facilities)
The submitted articles should be original, not published earlier in other printed publications. The article is accepted for consideration only on condition that it meets the requirements for the original originals of the articles (materials) posted on the journal's website in the "Requirements" section.
All materials must be of an open nature. The presence of a restrictive neck is the basis for rejecting the material from an open publication.
To consider the publication of an article in the editorial office of the journal, it is necessary to send it to an e-mail:
1) The manuscript of the article, signed on the last page by all authors. The manuscript must contain complete information about the authors;
2) An expert opinion should be sent to the article on the possibility of open publication (samples: conclusion from the expert's leader or opinion on the expert commission)
Files with article materials can be sent by e-mail
The file is an electronic version of the article with full data on the authors. The name of the file is the name of the author.
The article is registered by the responsible secretary in the journal of articles registration with the date of receipt, title, full name. author (s), place of work of the author (s). The article is assigned an individual registration number. The specified information is also entered in the database. The executive secretary within 7 days notifies the authors about the receipt of the article.
1. The editorial staff sends the article for review.
2. The editorial board and the editorial board are competent to carry out scientific and literary editing of the received materials, if necessary, to shorten them in agreement with the author, or, if the subject matter of the article is of interest to the journal, send the article for revision to the author.
3. The editorial office reserves the right to reject an article that does not meet the requirements or topics of the magazine.
In case of rejection of the presented article, the editors give the author a reasoned conclusion
Reviewing articles submitted by authors for publication is conducted by members of the editorial board of the journal or other leading experts. Review of articles paid (1500 rubles for the review).
The decision to publish an article in a journal is taken when a positive review is received. Either the reviewer may recommend the article for publication after revision, taking into account the comments. With a negative review, the author is sent a reasoned refusal to his email address.
After the decision to publish is taken, the author fills out the publication agreement and the license agreement (the samples are given below). Completed originals of contracts, as well as the original of the review and the last page of the author's article with a signature, are sent by mail (simple or registered letter) to the editorial office of the journal "Vestnik UFD. Security in the information sphere "at the address: Russia, 454080, Chelyabinsk, pr. Lenin, 76, SUSU, Publishing Center.
Manuscripts are not returned, corrections and printouts of articles are not sent to authors.
The editors submit to the author an instance of the journal containing the published article.
The journal is published as the next issue is formed, but at least 4 times a year.
Publications in the magazine are paid (500 rubles per page).
Those who wish to publish their material urgently - and submit an article a week before the magazine is put in print - must pay the costs associated with the overvaluation of the number, the extraordinary work of editors and proofreaders. These costs are estimated at 10,000 rubles per article.
All questions on the terms of publication by tel. (351) 267-97-01 and 8-904-93-99999
For correspondence: Russia, 454080, Chelyabinsk, pr. Lenin, 76, SUSU, Publishing Center.