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Chairman of the Editorial Board


Chuvardin OP, director of the Office of Russian FSTEC UFD


1. Astahova LV, deputy. dean of electronics faculty of SUSU, e n, Professor, Department of Information Systems Security (Chelyabinsk)...;

2. Barankova II, d. M. Sc., Professor, Head. cafes. Informatics and Information Security Bauman (Magnitogorsk);

3. Gaydamakin NA, Dr. Sc, Professor, Head of the Institute of Advanced Training of employees of FSB of Russia (Ekaterinburg)....;

4. Dorosinsky LG, d. M. Sc., Professor, Head. cafes. theoretical bases of radio engineering Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg);

5. Zaharov AA, d. T. N., Prof., Head. cafes. Information Security TSU (Tyumen);

6. Zyryanova T. Yu, Cand, associate professor, head of the series "Information Security" Department of ITiZI USURT (Ekaterinburg)...;

7. Kuznetsov PW, d. Th. Sc., prof., Head. cafes. Information Law UrGYuA (Yekaterinburg city);

8. Melikov WA to. Th. n., beginning. department of civil, family and business law of the National Centre for Legislation under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan (Dushanbe);

9. Melnikov A., Dr. Sc, Professor, Director of the Institute of Information Technologies CSU (Chelyabinsk)....;

10. Minbaleev AV, Deputy. Dean of the Law Faculty SUSU, d. th. n, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law (Chelyabinsk).;

11. Sokolov AN, r. T. N., Associate Professor, Head. the Department of Information Systems Security SUSU (Chelyabinsk);

12. Solodovnikov VM to. Sci. Sciences, Head of the Department. BIiAS KSU (Kurgan).

13. Tryaskin EA, head of the special control SUSU (Chelyabinsk)