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The editors ask the authors to follow the instructions below when sending the articles for publishing. We also encourage the authors to meet the requirements and follow the attached template, and also attach some personal information to the article (see Information about the author)


Information about the author

Name, surname (in full)


Academic degree


Academic rank


Position and place of work (in full)


Home address


Contact phone numbers




The topic of the article


Postgraduate - yes/no (if yes, point the date of entering and the name of the scientific advisor)



Structure of the article (maximum number of characters - 40 000):

1) UDC (Universal Decimal Classification), LBC (Library-Bibliographical Classifications), title (no more than 12-15 words), the  list of contributors

2) abstract (no more than 500 characters, including spaces), the list of key words

3) the body of the article

4) notes and references


Maximum number of characters in the article including spaces should be no more than 40 000 and cannot be less than 5 pages. The article is typed into Microsoft Word in *.rtf format, Times New Roman font, 14 font size, with 1.5 interval. Paragraph indent in the text should be of 10 mm, in after-text notes (endnotes) no indents are placed. The exact number of printed characters can be evaluated with the help of Microsoft Word menu (Service Ц Statistics Ц Consider all the footnotes).

Parameters of the document should include the following: head and bottom edges of the document should be of 20 mm, right edge Ц of 15 mm, left edge Ц of 30 mm.

Initials and the name of the author (-s), the title of the article, abstract in Russian (no more than 50 words) should be placed in the beginning of the article; the key words should be placed lower on a separate line. Initials and the name of the author (-s), the title of the article, annotation and key words should be translated into English.

In case of an indirect citation of the sources and list of references in the beginning of the certain note and reference УSee ЕФ is placed.

The citied literature is given not in the form of footnotes but as a list at the end of the article with links to the source in the text of the article using ordinal superlinear number (Format Ц Type - Superlinear) (e.g. 1). Comma, semi-colon, colon and full stop are placed after the footnote character to show that the footnote refers to the word or group of words, e.g. brought by the owner1. To show that the footnote refers to the whole sentence question, exclamation, suspension and quotation marks are placed before the footnote character, e.g. Еall the regulations are listed in the Federal law УConcerning veteransФ 1.

The list of references is given in the order of mentioning in the article.

When writing an article the author is recommended to use the . 7.0.5-2008 УSystems of Standards on Information, library and publishing work. References. General requirements and rulesФ State Standard (The full text of the State Standard is placed on the official website of the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency).


The words УThe article is published for the first timeФ should be written in the end of the article. The date and a handwritten signature of the author (-s) should follow the inscription. If the article is sent by e-mail the signature is scanned in black-and-white, saved in *.tif or *.jpeg format and placed into the document below the endnotes.

Mandatory fields: information about the author - academic degree, academic rank, position, department, institution of higher education; work address, e-mail and contact phone numbers (placed at the end of the article (in one file) in Russian).

The article is sent to the editorial office by e-mail in one file (the file should be named after the surname of the author). The topic of the e-mail is the Information Security.


Publication process:

1) All upcoming articles are registered, the authors are informed about the approximate publication date;

2) The registered article is checked in terms of meeting all the formal requirements and if there is no criticism it can be sent to an additional expert examination, if necessary,;

3) For publishing the article a positive review done by the specialist in this or in a related field is needed. Based on the review a decision is made (if the review has no recommendations) Ц whether to publish the article or to return it to the author for revision. In this case the article may be sent for the expert examination again. If the article gets a negative review twice, the editorial office decides on rejecting the publication.




Materials for the publication should be send to to the УLaw IssuesФ journal editorial board or by post - Russian Federation, 454091, Chelyabinsk, Vasenko St., 63, office 401