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The realization of the need of the information society in ensuring safe informational security, informational resources and informational technologies is only possible with the help of complex use of all mechanisms and means of security. In connection with that the chief goal of the journal is the comprehensive coverage and interpretation of the main mechanisms of ensuring informational security.


The editorial board of the journal is of the view that professionals in the sphere of informational security should have the opportunities to get familiar with the topical issues of the sphere within the borders of one journal. Hence, the Bulletin implements the systematic approach to the content which is further structured into sections: legal information security, technical information security, software- and hardware-based information security, organizational information security, etc. The journal considers the problems of security of such strategic types of information of restricted admission as state secrets, official secrets, and insider information.


The Bulletin is also open for scientific discussions and publications of works of young researchers. In these articles we hope to see new bright ideas of original means and ways of information security. The international experience has shown that in such publications the progressive problem solutions of the level of forward thinking technologies and world discoveries are frequently to be found.